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The Rise of the True Tories

Before you make light of this poem change any race related words to the N word or Jews, then tell me it’s meant to be satire. This is what the UK Prime Minister and his cronies think!

We must dissove this toxic union before its too late.

Vote for a better future

Put your party politics and personality preferences behind you for one election.

We are approaching the most important election for Scotland in my lifetime. We have the worst Westminster government ever, the cabinet’s views on the Scots people range from mere racism to borderline facism. Their contempt for democracy and opposition parties will not mellow if they win another UK election. 

There is a place for everyone in an independent Scotland. The first independent election in Scotland will take place not long after independence. Then is the time to choose the direction our country should take. You will have a choice of new credible Scottish parties, not just the SNP.

I am seventy now and would like to spend what’s left of my life in a world leading green country with all the resources needed for wind, water and power.

The conservatives will systematically dilute the devolved powers and asset strip our country. We are about to be swamped by an avalanche of fake statistics and bare faced lies. We must stay strong and choose independence, not for me, for your children and their children.

If you want to live in a progressive forward looking country in Europe we must gain control, the only way of doing that is to vote SNP.

Why I did not clap for nurses.

I found it nauseating to see Tory ministers applauding the NHS, the same ministers who clapped when the Labour amendment to give them a rise was defeated, “hear hearing and hooting in the commons.

I did and still do appreciate how hard they work and wish they could take a couple of weeks off like MPs. If we can do without Parliament but not the NHS staff why are the nurses paid so much less? Some nurses in the UK are using food banks to feed their families. 

They are working more hours than they are paid for and if they get a chance break they have to bring their own tea bags and milk. When this virus is beaten a handful of nurses will be given an MBE. If you want to help the nurses obey the rules. Don’t join in with Wetminsters public relations exercise to make the UK Government look like they care. Nurses and their children can not eat applause.

The 323 MPs who successfully voted down the amendment were made up of 313 Tories and ten members of the DUP They will all be clapping.

We will not ask to rejoin

More than 60 countries have gained independence from UK. Why not Scotland? Because we show Westminster a profit. None of the 60 ever have asked to rejoin the United Kingdom.