Put your party politics and personality preferences behind you for one election.

We are approaching the most important election for Scotland in my lifetime. We have the worst Westminster government ever, the cabinet’s views on the Scots people range from mere racism to borderline facism. Their contempt for democracy and opposition parties will not mellow if they win another UK election. 

There is a place for everyone in an independent Scotland. The first independent election in Scotland will take place not long after independence. Then is the time to choose the direction our country should take. You will have a choice of new credible Scottish parties, not just the SNP.

I am seventy now and would like to spend what’s left of my life in a world leading green country with all the resources needed for wind, water and power.

The conservatives will systematically dilute the devolved powers and asset strip our country. We are about to be swamped by an avalanche of fake statistics and bare faced lies. We must stay strong and choose independence, not for me, for your children and their children.

If you want to live in a progressive forward looking country in Europe we must gain control, the only way of doing that is to vote SNP.