I grew up in a Scotland wholly ruled from Westminster. Both my parents worked but sometimes we went to school with cardboard in our holed shoes. We had enough to eat because my mother worked in the director’s canteen of a shipyard –  smoked salmon and roast meat leftovers. We went to Glasgow at term time with a Provident cheque to buy our school uniforms and spent the rest of the year paying it off There were children in my class dressed entirely in army surplus with the sleeves and trousers rolled up. I now understand why many of the children were so much smaller than their classmates.

We were lucky we had a  brand new prefab and have fond memories of my brother and I in our pyjamas drawing on the ice on the inside of the windows. 

My extended family left for Canada in the 50s and 60s, we left my Dad’s beloved Scotland for the south of England in the early 60s when factories were closing dailly. It was only possible for us to move because we could exchange council flats. Things are better now of course but we need full control of our Country to make lasting changes to the lives of the deprived people in Scottish Cities. We can not do this with limited powers and interference from Westminser. That means jobs and investment. We could have done it if the Scottish oil revenue was invested in Scotland. It can not be done without full fiscal control of our country.

My Grandfather lost his leg in WW1 and my Dad was shot and spent 5 years in a prison camp in Poland. He hated Nazis but said the Germans he met were just soldiers like him. I only saw him angry about the war when the Clydebank bombing cover up or Winston Churchill were discussed.

My Dad’s dream was to return to an independent Scotland whose main export was not talented people, he died waiting.