I found it nauseating to see Tory ministers applauding the NHS, the same ministers who clapped when the Labour amendment to give them a rise was defeated, “hear hearing and hooting in the commons.

I did and still do appreciate how hard they work and wish they could take a couple of weeks off like MPs. If we can do without Parliament but not the NHS staff why are the nurses paid so much less? Some nurses in the UK are using food banks to feed their families. 

They are working more hours than they are paid for and if they get a chance break they have to bring their own tea bags and milk. When this virus is beaten a handful of nurses will be given an MBE. If you want to help the nurses obey the rules. Don’t join in with Wetminsters public relations exercise to make the UK Government look like they care. Nurses and their children can not eat applause.

The 323 MPs who successfully voted down the amendment were made up of 313 Tories and ten members of the DUP They will all be clapping.